Lust list: Item #1

Zara Block Heel Sandal With Buckles

😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍

Currently on my lust list, these amazing shoesies from Zara (click on the image to take you to the store) I think these are definitely going to be my go to summer shoe. I love that it’s not too OTT for daytime wear and can be easily styled for a more glam evening look. Also I’m so over huge platform heels, the summer is for comfy(ish) feet.

Stay chic ✌️


Coach Spring 2015 Campaign


If you’re American you may be very familiar with the brand Coach, the first time I went on holiday to Seattle in about 2007? I was around 14/15 anyway and I had noticed 1. Everybody over there loves and I mean LOVES there leisurewear, it was all sweatpant city and yogaville and 2. Everyone was carrying a Coach ‘purse’ (or a bag to us Brits). I frankly didn’t get the hype at all. My American family were trying to convince me this was an ‘in’ thing to have. By thing I mean anything with that repeat Coach logo print on. Maybe back then designers were all about logos in their prints (I can’t specifically remember which era but I’m sure logos were a 90s thing?) but I couldn’t be more repulsed by the brown embroidered CC on this taupe woven fabric.

I’m not a huge logo wearer/toter, in fact I hated it as a ‘fashion statement’, any brand that thrived on a logo combined with an air of ‘I’m better than you socially’ made me cringe to be honest. Cough, Jack Wills, Cough, Abercrombie, Cough, Hollister, Cough. Sorry, I’ll stop. To me that’s not what fashion is about, creating hoards of the same shit in different colours and then having the audacity to charge a ridiculous amount for what is essentially a basic t-shirt. Though, I will exempt Ralph Lauren because for some reason that doesn’t quite upset my palette. I don’t have a problem with logos if they’re done right, for example, sports brands seem to excel in this area, it can look good and not come off all douchebaggery and all ‘look at what I can afford’ (sometimes).

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