Week #4: Ewwy Stewy

So guys I have to make a confession, I did go slightly off piste on my diet last week and I broke it literally at the last minute and I feel terrible but what is done is done. Even though I did cheat I have managed to loose 0.2 lbs, I know it’s tiny but it’s something especially considering my midnight binge and I wasn’t even hungry. Temptation is everywhere.

Day #7

Breakfast 11:20amBoiled Egg, Bacon and Cherry Toms (212 kcal), Tea with almond milk (11 kcal)

Ya average brekky, was nice, though I’m disappointed in myself for letting the egg boil for too long. No runny yolk for me today. Sad face emoji.

Lunch 3:40pmCharred Aubergine, Pepper and Bulgur Wheat Salad (198 kcal)

I’ve never had bulgur wheat before but I hazarded a guess that it is something like couscous and it kinda is, just a bigger grain. It’s a lil fussier to cook than couscous considering all you have to do is pour hot stock on it and leave it be, bulgur wheat actually required cooking. I don’t know if that is just for this specific brand of wheat but I wasn’t in the mood to experiment so I just did as I was told by the packet. I cooked the wheat in chicken stock as I learnt from an earlier mistake of cooking couscous with water — it was the the most plainest thing ever. When I read through the recipe I was afraid it was going to lack flavour but charring the red pepper really makes it taste sweeter and I am surprised at difference the humble salt and pepper can really make to your dish. Overall, a really great lunch actually!

Dinner 8:30 – Squash and Chorizo Stew (264 kcal)

I love squash I would say it’s one of my top 5 vegetables ever but somehow it was lacking in this ‘stew’ and I don’t think it was because of under seasoning. I was concerned from the lack of ingredients in this dish but I liked everything on there so I thought ‘what the hell, I’ll try it’. To me it didn’t feel like the squash and chorizo really go together, it was really like I was biting into a bit of squash which was kinda bland and then a chunk of chorizo which was fiery and hot. Nil point for enjoyment.

Treat 10:00 – Hot Chocolate (60 kcal)

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Week #2: Soy-a-hoy!

Hey guys, so who would of known, I’ve manage to stick it out for another week. WOOP WOOP. Maybe I am just too legit to quit. (Steady on now). In all seriousness though I can report that the previous week of my two day dieting resulted in a loss of two pounds. TWO WHOLE POUNDS. I’m pretty amazed by that but by no surprise it did come back crawling in the form of 0.8 lbs. You lose some and I definitely gained some, so there’s an effective weightloss of 1.2 lbs. Which I guess is not too shabs.

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DAY #3

Breakfast 11:30am Yoghurt with Banana and Pumpkin Seeds (164 kcal)

I learnt my mistake from last weeks dairy mishap, so this week I opted for an soy alternative and to my surprise it actually tastes pretty good, though to be fair I was had really low expectations for it. But it was lovely and yummy (even if it is more cals than the regular). Score.

12:30pm  Tea with Soya Milk (15 kcal)

Lunch 2:00pmChicken Salad (205 kcal)

They didn’t define what a ‘small’ chicken breast was so I may have gone over in cals with this dish but whoa-oh, not a lot I can do about it now… This is definitely better than the lunch I had last week. Though I did add Nando’s lemon and herb seasoning to the chicken because I had some lying around, not sure if that will add to the cal content or not, I’m hoping for not. I substituted the normal tomatoes for cherry ones, they are just so much more palatable! Though I did kinda ruin the dish towards the end by an accidental balsamic vinegar spill. Eek. But overall, a success!

Dinner 7:45pm Chicken and Veg Curry (341 kcal)

If really should read a recipe through and through before I start cooking, I added the yoghurt in too soon (but I feel it tenderised the chicken so it’s not all bad) and forgot to the mix the cornflour mixture into it before tipping into the pan so the sauce never got thick. In my defence I don’t think the recipe is written very clearly but that’s just my POV. Tasted better than I expected for a very soupy curry.

Treat 10:35pmHot Chocolate (60 kcal)

My hunger hasn’t actually been too bad today for reasons unknown but my stomach did start to rumble later into the evening and I was desperate for a chocolatey sugar hit.

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