My April, May, June, July and August favourites!


I am really going to condense everything I’ve loved in the last 5 months with a burning passion into one post? Yes, yes I am. Cos I can.

And let’s be real, this ain’t gonna be that long cos I have a real short memory nowadays and neither can I pin point exactly which fave is from which month cos I can’t seem to grasp the concept of time lately. Shit, did this really take 5 minutes to type?

My fingers know it’s been awhile since I’ve typed vigorously cos the keys feel real shallow on this laptop. Such a weird feeling.

Anyway on to numero uno;

#1 Rimmel Good to Glow Highlighter in Soho Glow (003)

Highlighters are often hit or miss, I’ve tried so many but have finally found one that works for me, because of my dry skin I thought a liquid or cream highlighter is the route to go. The Rimmel highlighter is a dream, it is a liquid formula and what I like about it is that you can be subtle with it or really build it up and it’s not overwhelmed with glitter which is what I find with so many other highlighters out there. It’s really great for giving you that bit of radiance and when it catches the light it looks so beautiful rather than too shiny or sweaty.

The shade ‘Soho Glow’ is a pale-ish gold which is perfect for my medium skin tone, there are two other shades for paler skin tones or if you want a more striking highlight! There’s 25ml of product in the tube and that’s like almost your standard foundation so this is gonna last a long time and it’s super affordable too, so if you’re dipping your toes into the highlighter market, I recommend trying this one out!

#2 The Debrief

This is not an beauty fave but I wanted to include it in my faves because it I can and I want to, I’ve been looking for good reading material for a while and this site just gets me, I love the writing and there’s generally good stuff on there. I’ve already lost hours upon finding it. I particularly like there ‘9 Things to buy for under ยฃ9’ feature. See what I mean when I said it gets me? So if you’re a sassy young woman, check it now ASAP.

#3 Ikea Glis Storage Boxes

I am an absolute slut for Ikea, it is my home store mecca and I am so glad I found these boxes, they fit right into my desk drawers (guess where from) and I put my make up organised by category in each box and it makes me feel like I got my shit together.

#4 Real Techniques Sculpting Brush

I remember being so excited when I got this and when I tried it out as a contour brush I felt slightly let down, the brush was just too big for my face and it didn’t apply my make up that well and found it too messy for my liking but I have found a new use for it and this brush turns out to be an amazing foundation brush! Ever since discovering that fact, I’ve been using it to buff my liquid foundation into my face and it gives the most flawless and full coverage finish. I really want to try to contour with this brush again so if you guys have any techniques please let me know!

#5 EcoTools Tapered Blush Brush

This is something I’ve had for ages but never truly understood it like a parent dealing with their angsty teenage daughter who’d rather be left alone. One day whilst watching a make up tutorial I saw her use the side of the brush to pat blush onto the cheek (shout out to Kathleen Lights, highlighter goddess) and honestly guys, it changed my life. I thought me and that brush were never gon be but we found a way, like star crossed lovers. But in all seriousness, that technique is really great for packing on colour in an almost seamless way, no streakiness or stripes going on which is what I got when I was doing the usual sweeping motion.

#6 Lacome Hypnose Mascara

I think this may be my favourite mascara of all time, it separates my lashes beautifully and the formula is very buildable from natural to full blown diva and the brush is just the right size for me. I really despise those humongous brushes because who needs that?! I have not come across a drugstore mascara that matches this but it would be amazing to find a dupe, cos this ain’t cheap. I also own the Hypnose Star mascara and I much more prefer the original. So if you have straight stubby lashes like mine this is truly a miracle worker. Lancome often has offers on this mascara so keep your peepers open for them!

What are your recent faves?


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