Acne be gone!

100% Tea Tree Oil

So I think I may have just discovered the best thing for preventing and getting rid of spots (well for me at least). I can’t say that I’ve had full blown acne ever but in my teenage years I did have clusters of spots taking up residency across my face (and I have the scars to prove it). Back then I knew absolutely nothing about skincare and or how to look after my skin properly and for one having a real cleansing routine has definitely sorted (at least) 70% of my spotty issue.

Secondly, I figured out that excessive sugar consumption breaks me out so I try my best to avoid foods that would trigger a reaction.

But for all other random spots appearing on my face from time to time for whatever reason, I use 100% tea tree oil to zap them away.

For a while I have been using one that I purchased from a local chemist but to my absolute delight I found that Poundworld sold them too. So far there has been no difference in terms of results, they both did the exact same thing though the products smell different to each other, not too dissimilar but noticeably.

I tend to apply this at night after I have cleansed my skin and moisturised, with clean hands (very important) I dab just a tiny bit directly on the spot, you don’t really need to use very much of this product at all. In fact, with continued use, it can be harsh on your skin and it can dry it out but usually the next day you should see the redness disappear and the spot diminished in size (if not completely gone!) or have it blossom into a whitehead ready to pop (gross but necessary).

It’s important to note that you should only use this when you have a spot or when you can see one developing, do not by any means slather this over your face as a preventative measure because it will dehydrate your skin. You have been warned!

Btw, this this great for those ‘under the skin’ spots, you know the ones that you can’t pop but you can feel it’s there?

If you have sensitive skin I would dilute the oil with some water before applying because it is quite strong stuff and the last thing you need is more irritation!

So I hope I have saved you a fortune on spending on blemish treatments, let me know if you tried this out and your results!

Lust list: Item #1

Zara Block Heel Sandal With Buckles

😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍

Currently on my lust list, these amazing shoesies from Zara (click on the image to take you to the store) I think these are definitely going to be my go to summer shoe. I love that it’s not too OTT for daytime wear and can be easily styled for a more glam evening look. Also I’m so over huge platform heels, the summer is for comfy(ish) feet.

Stay chic ✌️

My Recent Faves


Okay, I hate that I have not posted more than once a month – if that lately. I’m just been struggling in the real world and this whole shindig has completely slip my mind but I shall delight you with my recent faves. I wish I could call this my April favourites but we’re halfway through may already, so who am I kidding?

Btw, this is just gon be a quickie because my attention span of late has been absolutely abysmal. It’s gonna be facts and figures guys.

1. Revlon Parfumerie Nail Polish in Orange Blossom

Now that the sun is finally making more of a semi permanent appearance I love and (feel more comfortable) wearing bright colours on mah nails, right now I’m lovin’ this super bright orange colour. It just screams ‘SUMMER I AM READY FOR YOU’.

2. Nude Magique BB Powder by L’oreal

I never really incorporated powder into my routine until last year and by the blessing of the beauty gods I so happen to pick up this magical thing, tbh the only other powder I have in my life right now is the L’oreal True Match and I prefer the BB powder so much more, it’s not super pigmented so I don’t feel like I’m adding more colour to my face and I find the finish of this powder so much more flattering and easier to blend back into my face — if y’all wear glasses you’ll know what I’m about.

3. Brow This Way by Rimmel

When I first got this I wasn’t like majorly impressed or anything but now I love it. So easy to use and it fills and sculpts my brows into harmony.

4. Eau Thermale Avene Water Spray

I know it seems insane to spend money on a water spray but this is so soothing, I personally love spraying this on my face when my skin is feeling angry and agitated and it just calms it alllll down. It’s also great to use after shaving, the cool mist makes shaving tolerable I swear. This is a bit of a luxury item so I only tend to use it when absolutely necessary (though sometimes I do get carried away) but I think it’s worth the investment especially if you have sensitive skin!

5. MUA Undressed Palette

Eyeshadows aren’t part of my everyday make up routine but from time to time I like to experiment with new looks and attempt to get it looking as flawless as Kathleen Lights‘. I love this palette because the colour pay off is pretty decent for something that only cost £4. Maybe a little primer is needed to really exaggerate the colour. This is a great purchase if you’re new to eyeshadow or you’re trying new colours!

What are your current faves? Also I’m shopping around for a new eye make up remover (drugstore pref) so I would love your recommendations!