Empties Galore!

empties Hey guys, so I thought I would round up all my empties and kinda do a quick fire post to get the ole blogging cogs turning again. If you haven’t noticed I have been away for a long while and I really haven’t been in the mood for writing. I know, shock horror. But it’s looking good today and I’m feeling a little it more inspired than usual, so park your ass and enjoy the ride. So lets take a lookie here and see what we gots, starting with make up first, we have the Nude Magique BB Cream by L’oreal, which I have vaguely reviewed before here, this product really surprised me I didn’t think it was gonna give me near enough coverage as it does (I would say it’s buildable to a medium coverage) and it’s fairly long wearing too, the colour match for me isn’t exact but it’s not to bad after having an hour or two to meld with my natural skin, letting it weardown a little to blend in a bit more, because of the SPF in this it does have that ‘ghost’ effect after it’s applied. Oh and the smell of this isn’t great, it reminds me of the PVA glue you had at school, yes the fish glue. Hold your noses! Even with it’s flaws, it is a product I would happily repurchase! (but if L’oreal could work on the scent that would be fab.)

Second make up item is Benefit’s Boi-ing Concealer, it is super thick and they have self declared it as ‘industrial strength’ it’s absolutely fantastic at covering blemishes though I did originally purchase this to sort out my dark circle issue which as of today is still a problemo, it does hide the darkness but it also creases like a bitch being a cream concealer after all. It’s not something I would buy again simply because I think there are better things are the market that cost less and my purse is not busting at the seams with dolla right now but I wouldn’t completely dismiss it as it does do it’s job and it does cover at the end of the day but maybe not one to go for as a under eye solution.

Right on to the moisturisation station we have an Aloe Vera Hydrating Body Lotion from Crabtree and Evelyn, I don’t normally shop or even browse in that store because it seems very old auntie in up in there, but at the time of purchase of this lovely lotion it was actually in clearance as the store was closing down, I knew it was an higher end kinda place so this was my one chance to sample their delights at my budget. I got this £20 lotion for 6 squids (not literally obvs). What I really love about it is the packaging, the pump system is great and makes the process of moisturising so much easier — if you hate doing it cos ya lazy then you’ll feel me on this one.

Did I mention what a bargain this was and for 500ml too?! Anyway, it does smell very strongly of aloe so if you’re not into heavy fragrances then this would be one to steer clear of cos you’ll be detectable from miles away. It absorbs very quickly and keeps your skin all soft and hydrated, like any good moisturiser should. Though I’m not sure I would repurchase at full price because it is dammmmnn expensive for what it is but I’m definitely gonna reuse this bottle cos it’s upped my lotion game.

Next item we have, Weleda’s Skin Food, it’s like a multipurpose type of deal applicable for any area of skin that is dry or rough especially your hands, feet or elbows. I bought this after reading many reviews and blog posts saying this is got rid of those pesky rough patches that won’t go away and for a while this did work for me but it always came back and it kind of became a vicious circle. It’s definitely one of the better hand creams I have used (and that’s what I used it for primarily). Again, this product packs a punch in it’s fragrance, it’s very very strong and has a herbally scent, I think it’s the camomile, and the product itself is quite thick — almost a paste but absorbs fairly quickly.

Face (cream) time! Botanics Hydrating Day Cream, this thing has lasted me absolutely ages to a point where I can’t remember what day cream I was using before, though I have an inkling this may have been a repurchase (which is rare as I always switch up my moisturisers.) Anyway, it’s a light cream with a subtle scent which I personally find quite pleasant, it keeps my skin feeling moisturised through the day, it’s never broke me out or any of that nonsense which is always a plus and you can easily apply make up over it as it sinks into the skin within a minute.

Nivea’s Rich Regenerating Night Cream is hands down gotta be the best night cream of all time, soz to go all Kanye on you guys but it is the truth. I used the one for dry and sensitive skin which has natural almond oil and hydra IQ in it, I don’t know what the hoo ha hydra IQ is but it seems to be working for me. I know the word ‘rich’ conjures up images of a thick and heavy cream but this is anything but, I apply it before I go to bed and in the morning my skin is left feeling fresh and hydrated, not greasy or oily at all! This has been my savior throughout the harsh winter so if you have really dry skin I highly recommend this product! It’s half price at the moment at Boots so if you’re not sure or whatevs, this is your opportunity to snap it up on the cheap! Grab it here.

We’re almost finished guys I promise, Dove Roll-on Deodorant, I know talking about anti-perspirant isn’t so sexy but it’s a necessity in this world unfortunately, out of all the deodorants I’ve tried this is my favey maybe not this particular scent, pomegranate and lemon verbena, I usually go for the green one which I think is cucumber? I’m not sure why I ventured out of my deodorant scent comfort zone cos I don’t need nor understand why my underarms to smell like a flower market or exotic fruits but hey sometimes when you’re in the aisle and you’re like ‘hey, I’m gonna be wild today’ and make a bad decision. I need to remind myself it’s only deodorant and I need to chill. But seriously, I really do love the cucumber one it smells sooooo good. This promises a 48 hour protection which seems a bit too much but I’d say it definitely has kept me dry for a full day — if not longer.

Almossssst there, real quick, Lancome’s Gentle Softening Cleansing Fluid Face & Eyes, I actually poached this from my mother, it was part of a free gift set that they always do. It’s very much like a cleansing milk, it is indeed very gentle and convenient being a face and eye cleanser, so if you’re travelling this would be a great little bottle to take with you. The product is great but for me I just can’t justify spending £36 for a full size bottle (400ml) especially when there are loads of great cleansers in the drugstore right now for less than a fiver! But yannow, if you have the monies you won’t be let down.

Last but not least, Nowergian Formula’s Lip Balm, my lips are sensitive to a lot of balms out there and this is one of the few I can wear without any nasty side effects, this would be perfect if it didn’t have the horrible fragrance which is not nice on your lips as there is a very high chance of tasting it. It’s kinda soapy/chemically. Not tasty at all.

So those are my empties from the past few months, let me know which products you have used up this month and your thoughts on the products I have reviewed today! Whether you agree or disagree, lets talk guys!

Until next time, bisous bisous!


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