Week #5: Almost Halftime

[Note: I was supposed to post this more than two weeks ago but I’ve been not feeling up to blogging much lately. Here it is anyway… once more with feeling! (Side eye)]

I totally went ham on pancake day and had pancakes for lunch and for breakfast the next day. I regret nothing cos it tasted damn fine, not gonna lie guys. Also shout out to Jamie Oliver’s pancake recipe, it’s pretty much fail proof. So on to the important part, I’ve actually lost some weight this week, hallelujah, another 0.8 lbs gone. Lets hope that actually stays off but I have been neglecting exercise so I suppose that’s not going to bode well for me… We’ll see!

DAY #9

Breakfast 10:30am – Veggie Breakfast Bake (127 kcal), Tea with Almond Milk (11 kcal)

Twas lovely and was very very simple to make. Love those meals you can just stick in the oven and it’s all done for you. I had a ‘jumbo’ mushroom opposed to a portobello one cos I couldn’t find any in the supermarket (is there a difference really?) with spinach, cherry toms and an egg.

12:39pm – The hunger begins ahhhhhh halp.

Lunch 3:00pm – Courgette Tortilla (302 kcal), Tea with Almond Milk (11 kcal)

I know it’s what I had last week but it was pretty tasty, also I have loads of ingredients leftover from last week which I am keen to use up which can never be a bad thing. Waste not, want not.

Snack 4:45pm – Blackcurrant Yo Yo Bear Fruit Roll Up (27 kcal)

Feeling really sleepy today, eyes feel heavy and general doozy mood.

Dinner 7:40pm – Baked Peanut Chicken with Green Beans (321 kcal)

This was tastier than I thought it was going to be though I am a bit on the fence about it, I didn’t mix the marinade enough and the garlic bundled up in some places. Not hot.

Tea time 10:30pm – Peppermint Tea (0 kcal)

DAY #10

Breakfast 11:30am – Porridge with Pumpkin Seeds (kcal 135), Tea with Soy Milk (15 kcal)


Lunch 3:00pm – Mushroom Pasta (235 kcal)

Better than expected, not amazing but very edible.

3:53pm – Coffee (15 kcal)

Dinner 7:30pm – Baked Peanut Chicken with Green Beans (321 kcal)

Less surprise garlic attacks.


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