Peeling, Toning and Preening


So I bought two skincare products that one, I needed and the other I was really curious about and they are the Botanics All Bright Toner from Boots and B. Revealed Glycolic Peel from Superdrug as well as a cheeky treat, the Eyebrow Stylist by Sleek cos why the hell not. I’ve been using the skincare products for a good three weeks now so Imma give you my review on them.

I know toner isn’t in everyone’s skincare bag because maybe they’re not sure whether it’s necessary or beneficial to their regime but I believe it does make a difference to mine. I use a dark spot corrector daily and to prep my face for it I always cleanse and tone before I apply as a good clean base will let it work more efficiently, or so I’ve heard.

Cleansing doesn’t get rid of everything and until I started using toner I had no clue there was still this greyish dirt on my face. I would probably skip toner if I wasn’t using a serum or another corrective skin treatment though it might help you make the most of your moisturiser.

The Botanics All Bright Cleansing Toner is for all skin types and it claims to ‘visibly tighten pores and instantly brighten skin’ I have to say my skin does look brighter but I’m not entirely sure if it’s down to the toner as I’ve also been using it’s sister product the All Bright Hydrating Day Cream which vows to brighten the skin too, as well as the glycolic peel which also claims to ‘help encourage a brighter, healthier, more radiant complexion’ but I guess it is probably the combination of the products as they all contain AHA or Alpha Hydroxy Acids which is an ingredient that acts as a exfoliant by removing dead skin cells, improving the appearance of acne scars, firms and smoothes the skin (Thanks webMD). However it does increase the skin’s sensitivity to the sun, so come summer it looks like I’ll be slapping on factor 50 every hour and carrying round a parasol.

I honestly don’t think the toner has done anything to my pores, they are still highly visible and huge but I’m not convinced there is a product out there that has ever lived up to that claim. It’s not the primary reason I bought the toner for anyway so I’m not disappointed by that but it would have been a good bonus if it worked.

It cleanses brilliantly and it does leave my skin feeling fresher which is all you need from a toner really. I stupidly didn’t read the ingredients whilst I was in store and when I got home I discovered that it had alcohol in it (not the fun kind) and if I noticed that I wouldn’t have bought it because it is an irritant and can be drying which is not great for someone like myself who has terrible dry skin. Being the second ingredient on the list i’m pleasantly surprised that it hasn’t dried out my face which I’m very happy about! It has a subtle fragrance which smells clean if that makes sense? but not like bleach or washing up liquid. I think it may be the hibiscus but it’s definitely not an off putting smell. It also has no parabens and it is not tested on animals which is always a good thing.

Overall I think it’s a product that is really good value for money, I bought it whilst it was on a half price offer but it’s normal price is still a bargain in my eyes at £3.99 and you get 250ml of product which I’m sure is gonna last me for a good while. So if you’re looking for a purse friendly toner or you’ve never used one before this would be a great one to start out with.

I bought the B. Revealed Glycolic Peel on recommendation from The Sunday Girl, I’ve never used a glycolic peel before and was rather curious. I saw it on offer in Superdrug for half price (£3.98) and immediately picked it up and if it didn’t work for me I wouldn’t be too bummed out by that cost.

You get the product in a handy squeezy tube and a muslin cloth in the box, their instructions suggest using the cloth to wipe the peel off and unlike some other cloths I’ve come across in previous gift sets and the like that are pretty much useless, this one is actually decent.

The product feels a bit like moisturiser and when applied you definitely feel like there is a layer of something on your face, when I first used it I was expecting some kind of tingling sensation but that never happened, which is fine I think that’s another gimmick anyway, to trick you into thinking it’s working (though it does feel nice on the skin when that happens).

My skin felt so soft afterwards, like baby soft I couldn’t believe it, nor could I stop touching my face and that was after the second use! I definitely think this peel has contributed to getting rid/lessening the severity of my scars and I’ve become a little bit addicted to using the stuff. IT IS THAT GOOD. So yeah, well done B.!

If you have dry skin (and I know the winter is bumming out everyone’s skin at the moment), definitely give this a go and catch it whilst it’s on offer cos is it an absolute bargain!

Last but not least, the Sleek Eyebrow Stylist, before I talk about the product can I just say how messy the Sleek section seems to be permanently in my local boots and superdrug?! Who are you people destroying some poor employee’s hard work?! Also breaking into products that aren’t testers?! Have some respect.

sleek make up eyebrow stylist

Moving on, I’ve been looking for a budget eyebrow product for a while now and this seemed to fit the bill. It comes with a spoolie which is handy for combing yo brows into perfection on one end and on the other contains the eyebrow pencil in easy retractable form, no sharpeners needed here baby, to fill in your brows how ever you please. I don’t own another product like it so I can’t make comparisons obvs but I do really like this, it’s compact and easy to use, you know it’s your tool and product in one so that’s hard to beat on the convenience front.


I have it in the the colour medium and I have black hair and I personally think that is dark enough to fill in my patches but they do do (doo doo haha, I’m such a child) a dark colour too if you want a real tar black fill.

Though If I do have one negative point about it is the packaging, it is totally nondescript. Like I’m all for minimalism but this doesn’t do it for me, with both lids on it looks like a magician’s wand from a child’s toy set and kinda cheap but at £5.99 I guess you can’t complain too much, but their logo isn’t that obvious on there which seems like an oversight to me but hey that’s just my two cents. All in all it does the job fabulously and at the end of the day that’s what matters.

Botanics All Bright Toner £3.99 / B. Revealed Glycolic Peel £3.98 (£7.99 normally) / Sleek Eyebrow Stylist £5.99


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