Customer Service

I was just thinking the other day about my favourite brands and why I like them and why I have an unfavourable view of others to a point where I would not buy their products again.

Recently I was in a situation where I discovered that I was mis-sold a make up accessory, before the point of purchase the sales assistant had declared that it came with a lifetime guarantee but a couple of months later I went to revisit the brand’s counter in another city and I enquired about the offer and whether it applied to any of their other accessories. The lady working at that stand looked bemused and told me she had never heard of such a thing nor had her colleague. Right there and then I felt completely duped and embarrassed.

This experience I had has completely marred their image in my eyes I haven’t bought a product from them since and even though I realise that it was more of a problem with the sales assistant (who mis-sold me the product) rather than the company, I can’t divorce the two. I messaged the company through their contact box and was promised a reply in 48 hours within receipt of the message. Two days passed and nothing — I didn’t expect them to get back to me that soon anyway but I thought a week would have been reasonable. A week passed and still nothing. So I checked on one of their social media pages to see if there was another way of contacting them, I found a different email address and I wrote to them again. I received another automated reply this time saying they would take 10 days at the most to respond. As of today, it has now been over 2 weeks.

I understand that as a global company there are probably flooded with emails everyday but why state that you are able to respond within how many days when you clearly cannot keep that promise? This has been incredibly frustrating for me, I am not the kind of person to complain to companies ever especially not with the intention to receive free things (as I know some people do) nor am I not out to get anybody fired at all. I, as a consumer am just being more pro-active, after all I am handing over my money to this business. The least they could do is give me an explanation of how and why that may have occurred, I frankly don’t believe I’m asking for much and to be quite honest I expect more from a company that is global and has the means to have their our customer care line.

I feel torn about this, I know I shouldn’t let one experience ruin the entire company for me but it has stopped me from wanting to try their products as dazzling and enticing they may look but I just can’t bring myself to ever stop and have a browse at their counter.

Then I thought about the owners of big brands, their actions and personal beliefs that don’t align with my own yet depending on the brand it hasn’t stopped me from buying their stuff and others have. Like for example Jean-Paul Guerlain’s deplorable comments has completely put me off his fashion empire but yet I continue to shop at Urban Outfitters despite the CEO’s anti-gay stance even though I do not support his views at all. It really sucks to think we are at the mercy of massive corporations, after all not all of us can afford guilt free products (if there is such thing anyway).

Has bad customer service and/or negative experiences affected your buying decision?


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