Week #2: Soy-a-hoy!

Hey guys, so who would of known, I’ve manage to stick it out for another week. WOOP WOOP. Maybe I am just too legit to quit. (Steady on now). In all seriousness though I can report that the previous week of my two day dieting resulted in a loss of two pounds. TWO WHOLE POUNDS. I’m pretty amazed by that but by no surprise it did come back crawling in the form of 0.8 lbs. You lose some and I definitely gained some, so there’s an effective weightloss of 1.2 lbs. Which I guess is not too shabs.

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DAY #3

Breakfast 11:30am Yoghurt with Banana and Pumpkin Seeds (164 kcal)

I learnt my mistake from last weeks dairy mishap, so this week I opted for an soy alternative and to my surprise it actually tastes pretty good, though to be fair I was had really low expectations for it. But it was lovely and yummy (even if it is more cals than the regular). Score.

12:30pm  Tea with Soya Milk (15 kcal)

Lunch 2:00pmChicken Salad (205 kcal)

They didn’t define what a ‘small’ chicken breast was so I may have gone over in cals with this dish but whoa-oh, not a lot I can do about it now… This is definitely better than the lunch I had last week. Though I did add Nando’s lemon and herb seasoning to the chicken because I had some lying around, not sure if that will add to the cal content or not, I’m hoping for not. I substituted the normal tomatoes for cherry ones, they are just so much more palatable! Though I did kinda ruin the dish towards the end by an accidental balsamic vinegar spill. Eek. But overall, a success!

Dinner 7:45pm Chicken and Veg Curry (341 kcal)

If really should read a recipe through and through before I start cooking, I added the yoghurt in too soon (but I feel it tenderised the chicken so it’s not all bad) and forgot to the mix the cornflour mixture into it before tipping into the pan so the sauce never got thick. In my defence I don’t think the recipe is written very clearly but that’s just my POV. Tasted better than I expected for a very soupy curry.

Treat 10:35pmHot Chocolate (60 kcal)

My hunger hasn’t actually been too bad today for reasons unknown but my stomach did start to rumble later into the evening and I was desperate for a chocolatey sugar hit.

DAY #4

Breakfast 9:39am – Yoghurt with Blueberries and Pumpkin Seeds (137 kcal)

Didn’t have any banans around today so I had to compromise and it was just as good — if not better and lower cal! Thank god for blueberries, you tiny tasty fruitlings.

Cheeky Bite 1:00pm – 1/4 Chicken Salad (51.3 kcal)

I was actually running errands today and eating in public is awkward and I always fear I will spill the contents of my lunch box everywhere like an idiot. (I didn’t btw.) I was so hungry. So so hungry. And this definitely tastes better warm but the few bites I had did tide me over for a bit.

Treat 3:45pm – Latte with Soya Milk (68 kcal)

I met a friend for coffee at Cafe Nero and was so so tempted by their display of sandwiches even though I’m not a fan of their food but anything would of been more exciting than my salad, walking pass the cakes was like a punch in the face, it was everything my body wanted — but I resisted and turned my nose up at the pretty pretty confectionary. Had my usual order.

Very Very Late Lunch 5:36pm – Leftover Chicken Salad (153.8 kcal)

I decided to come to my senses and stick to my diet after nearly having a major ‘fuck it’ moment which I am a little proud of reeling myself back in. I didn’t finish it all as it just was so boring and cold and unexciting but then again I was too lazy to put any dressing on it so I am clearly not helping myself. So hungry still.

Snack 6:00pm – Approx. 10 Blueberries (<10 kcal)

Tasty little morsels, I am thankful for you low cal berries.

Dinner 8:00pm – Chicken and Veg Curry (341 kcal)

This definitely tasted better today though the it never thickened to how I liked unfortch. There was a lot of leftover onion in my sink strainer. Oopsies. Didn’t finish it all, clearly my taste buds were being a total diva today and not accepting the same flavour profiles as yesterday.

Midnight snack 12:00am – Original Popchips (95 kcal)

I caved, I know I’ve deffo gone over the 800 kcal limit for today and I had only planned to eat half a packet, which never followed through but at only 95 kcal it was hardly like I was going over the limit by much. It could have so easily been a big mac guys. So it’s saintly compared to what I could have devoured! haha.

I really need to find some more recipes and I think variety is definitely going to be the key for me to stay on this diet and to resist temptation. Being a better cook wouldn’t hurt either.

I would love any food blog/vlog recommendations, please link them in the comments below!


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