My “I’m Staying Overnight” Make Up Bag


I love peaking into people’s make up bags, it’s the nosy neighbour in me that can’t resist a snoop so I thought I’d share what’s in my essential travelling make up bag in return. The things in there are my absolute can’t-do-withouts and it’s what I would say is my ‘everyday’ type of look. The products are carefully selected for not only it’s purpose but weight and size counts here too. No heffers in here mam. The last thing you need when you’re travelling to a friend’s/cousin’s/down low lover’s/boyfriend’s house is extra weight to lug around, nobody has time for that. I’m ashamed to admit that I have all my make up divided up into 3 massive separate bags; face, eyes and lips. I had just realised the sheer amount of stuff I have BUT I can condense it all into a small bag, it’s 19cm x 11cm, if y’all interested.

So, what am I packing?


I really love the Nude Magique BB cream by L’oreal and it’s companion the Blur Cream, for a BB cream it has a decent amount of coverage and when my skin is being good to me this is enough. On a bad day though, concealer is my best friend and I always make sure I have some by my side, they come in the form of Benefit’s Boi-ing and L’oreal’s True Match. Both are teeny tiny so I can justify bringing both with me! I don’t bother with contouring, that alone needs a whole another bag of products and it’s just not a necessary step if you ain’t going nowhere nice the next day but I do bring a blush, Dream Touch by Maybelline as my face does look rather flat without some kind of added definition. I know it’s a in glass packaging and it’s ridic heavy (for what it is) but if I lost it or left it behind I wouldn’t be too hurt, I really like that it’s so easy to blend out with your fingers so if I forgot to pack a brush I won’t be in a pickle. It’s my specific travelling blush, I don’t wear it that much usually, mainly cos it’s so old and i’ve forgotten about it but I just did a quick swatch now and it’s so glittery! Who knew?! Almost forgot about powder, it’s from the same line as the BB cream. I don’t wear that much powder because of my dry skin, sometimes it just looks terrible and cakey but alas, I have finally learnt how to use it properly so my make up stays put all day. It’s an optional thing for me, sometimes I bring it sometimes I don’t it really depends on what I’m doing the next day.


I find that my base make up products are the most important so everything else in other categories become less and less, so that’s why I only have 3 products for eyes and they are what I consider my essentials for an easy fuss free look! I use Bourjois’ Liner Pinceau to create a quick eye flick to give an impression of a lash extension, I favour liquid eyeliner because having hooded eyes using regular khol liner smudges and I find it fades a lot quicker too, maybe at first it was tricky to get the technique right but now it’s just second nature to me. Discovering liquid eyeliner was literally a pivotal moment in my life. Not even kidding. My mascara of choice is Lancome’s Hypnose, I have both the full size and travel size and the brush is one of my favourites, it just spreads my eyelashes out evenly and the mascara is buildable, so I have options to go either anything from natural to diva. Seriously, a fab mascara. To draw attention away from my dark circles and to completely brighten up my eyes I use Rimmel’s Waterproof Kohl Kajal in Nude in my waterline, it’s also another life changing make up tip — I am now forever wide eyed and ready for the world (or so it seems.) Not really sure where to place my eyebrow product but I’ll go with the ‘eye’ aisle, another Rimmel product it is their Brow This Way styling gel, I can’t remember if I got the mid brown or dark brown (having a lil revisit on the boots website now I didn’t even know they had so many varieties) and it’s a teeny tiny brow mascara that is so cute and relatively easy to use though it’s quite a liquidy formula so if you wrong, it’d be all over the place but the spoolie does make life easier, total 2 in 1 job. Done.


I limit myself to just one lip product when I travel, it saves time on picking from the 1726274568 lipsticks I would have available at home and even if I bought two with me I reckon I would still spend an incomprehensible amount of time deciding between the two. I am the most indecisive person ever. However I do have my favourites and most trusted lipsticks that never let me down and are super easy to apply and they are Illamasqua’s lipstick in Atomic which is a bright fuchsia with a subtle violet sheen which has a matte finish, Rimmel’s Lasting Finish by Kate in 107, a lovely red wine colour when I’m feeling more vampy and a beauty cult classic, MAC’s Ruby Woo, which needs no introduction.


I don’t usually bring make up brushes with me but when this entered my life I just couldn’t bare to part with it and it’s the Buffing Brush by Real Techniques, I am actually in love with it, it just blends out everything so nicely and easily! Definitely one of my favourite brushes ever. So, what are your make up essentials when you’re on the go? Share your faves in the comments below!


6 thoughts on “My “I’m Staying Overnight” Make Up Bag

  1. The buffing brush is definitely my all time favourite real techniques brush! so much love for it. I’m so lazy when I’m on the go, I literally just bring mascara, and maybe concealer/powder/blush if I’m really pushing the boat out!


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