Week #1: Don’t Fear the Frittata

Welcome to the first installation of my diet diary! Party poppers popped and glasses clinked. So on my last diet conscious entry I didn’t specify how much weight I wanted to lose because at the time I didn’t know exactly how much I weighed so I didn’t know much I wanted to lose but behold the scale batteries have finally been replaced so I can start my journey. I’m aiming to stick to this diet for 12 weeks and attempting to lose about half a stone or 7 pounds and who knows maybe miraculously I’ll wake up at the end of this with an 25″ waist. (In my dreams). If you missed my previous post about why and what this diet diary is about, let me direct you here. I used the recipes from the BBC food which has all the calories worked out so this should be easy peasy to follow and stick to.

DAY #1

Breakfast 10am – Yoghurt with Banana and Pumpkin seeds (149 kcal), Tea with Soy Milk (15 kcal)

Yes, I woke up late today okay, don’t judge me. I actually didn’t hate this as much as I thought I was going to, I feared the natural yoghurt was going to have too much of a tang but it wasn’t too bad, I did cheat a little bit with an added teaspoon of honey. I noticed how slowly I was eating this too which made me feel fuller. Even if I did cheat. On the first dish. Then I had remembered that I don’t get on fabulously with yoghurt and that there’s a reason why I have soy milk in my tea and coffee. It gave me stomach cramps and worst. You know what I’m talking about fellow lactose intolerant readers.

11am -The first audible stomach rumble from a distance. I’m getting nervous now.

Lunch 1:30pm Garlic Mushroom Frittata with Salad (243 kcal)

The recipe preparation method for this was way too fussy. I was really looking forward to eating this but my cooking completely let it down, under seasoned, garlic not cooked enough and the accompanying salad with NO dressing whatsoever wasn’t exactly a joy to eat. I tried to eat all the cucumber but we just don’t gel, there’s something about the taste of it that’s just so odd, and it’s flavour is really strong for something that is meant to be mostly water. It made me appreciate the cherry tomatoes so much. I felt hungry whilst I was eating this and continued to feel hungry after.

Dinner 6:00pm Meatballs with Courgetti (219 kcal)

This has definitely been my favourite dish of the day — not that it’s hard to beat right now. I couldn’t stand this ridiculous hunger anymore and it was my mine prompter to start getting dinner ready. It was really straight forward to do, I managed to roll out 15 meatballs and after tasting the sauce I decided to jazz it up a bit with dried chilli flakes and lil bit of sugar, to balance out the sourness. I actually love the idea of making spaghetti from veg though I would thoroughly drain it before plating the sauce of top, a ring of orange water wasn’t the nicest thing to look at but at least it was tasty!

Snack 8:16pm – Ate the other half of the banana from this morning (approx. 45 kcal)

Treat 9:30pm Hot Chocolate (60 kcal) and Jaffa Cake (46 kcal)

I totted up all the calories I had consumed today and was desperate to look for something that would fill the remaining calories I had left (about 129), this was an absolute wake up call to what was available to me. I definitely wanted something ‘naughty’ and a sweet drink should sooth the beast that is my stomach, I went for the Options ‘Dreamy Belgian Chocolate’ and made it up in the biggest mug I could find, accompanied by a single jaffa cake. Did you know ONE jaffa cake contained 46 calories?!?! Yet they shout about the whole 1g of fat per cake. Pssh. I ain’t impressed. I ate this as slowly as I could, savouring every bite because at the time it felt like the most amazing thing to grace my lips but we all know it’s just a humble jaffa. In the moment I loved it as much as Homer loves donuts. Mmmmmmm donuts.

Onwards – I’M SO HUNGRY BEYOND ANYTHING. I am so ready for breakfast now. NOW.

DAY #2

Breakfast 10:30amSoft Boiled egg with Bacon and Tomato (212 kcal), Tea with Soy Milk (15k cal)

I am so excited to eat this. Even if my plate looks sparser than usual (with added tomato) but I’d take it. The recipe actually called for a poached egg but I only had one egg left and I wasn’t gonna go taking that chance of going without if it flopped, so boiling it is. The bacon and tomato were grilled which doesn’t make a huge difference to taste that much and hey, at least that way, the smell of frying bacon doesn’t cling to every hair on my head and my clothes on my back. Definitely missing sauce here, and beans and more bacon and hash browns.

Lunch 1:30pmThe other half of Garlic Mushroom Frittata with Salad (243 kcal)

I made the whole frittata yesterday and ate half for practical reasons, today I decided to be daring an add some parmigiano (poor man’s parmesan) to it, to make it a little more interesting (+19.6 kcal) and I wisely omitted the cucumber from the salad this time. Maybe I’ll try again but for now we’re going on a break. Surprisingly, today I don’t feel as hungry.

4:53pm Peppermint tea (0 kcal)

5:40pm – The hunger begins. Rumble, rumble. I’m resisting eating dinner until later so hopefully I won’t feel as hungry at night. (Hopefully.)

Dinner 6:30pm Last night’s Meatballs (219 kcal)

Yes, I realise how boring I am by eating the remainder of my dinner last night but cooking for one is so difficult and you end up dividing up the ingredients until their like awkward fractions. This time I didn’t bother cooking the courgetti, the sauce is enough to warm it through. Look at me with my cheffy lingo. It was palatable and pleasant, no watery sauce for me today.

7:46pm – Feeling kinda lightheaded. Not a good sign.

Treat 8:45pmPopchips salt & pepper flavour (94 kcal)

I needed something to keep me going cos the hunger was real guys and going over by 2 calories is not gonna be big deal right? I absolutely cannot wait for tomorrow so I can eat (responsibly) like a normal person! In fact I might even make some brookies and korean fried chicken, doesn’t sound responsible but that shit is the bomb. I’m salivating already.

The past two days has made me even more conscious of my hunger and my relationship with food is definitely based around tastiness as I’m sure it is with many. I’m hoping to do more research and find some recipes that are low cal AND delicious, particularly main meals and if I can find some super low cal snack recipes I think that would appease my stomach. I do worry as soon as I wake up tomorrow I will just binge on everything in my sight, but we’ll see shall see if this is any success in 11 weeks time!

If you guys have any recipes or food blogs you can recommend please share the love in the comments below!


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