Discount Discoveries!


Last weekend I went to have a leisurely browse with my mother in a local retail park, it’s one of those type of parks that has the most random group of stores bunched together. You could buy a bed, knitting needles and beer in one trip if you wished. Amongst the plethora of shops, I was most drawn to the discount outlets, cos who doesn’t love a bargain? I can’t walk past the reduced section in Asda without having a cheeky gander. I’ve heard that Poundland stocks drugstore make up so I went on a mission to find some goodies, I did manage to find a teeny tiny section dedicated to cosmetics in the store I visited. In true Poundland style everything is jumbled up — not messy necessarily, but there’s no real order to how things are stacked. Maybe it’s just the Monica Geller in me that can’t comprehend their methods.

I didn’t find any make up I really really wanted but I was impressed that they had a real mixed bag of products and brands available including, Rimmel, NY Colour, Bourjois, L’oreal, all individually bagged in these cellophane wrappers. Though I did purchase some more of that cocoa butter vaseline because I love it and I go through those tins faaaar too quickly. Also paying anymore than a pound for it, is criminal, side eye Boots, Superdrug. If you want to find some serious treasure you will need to put aside some time to go through all those little packets and you will probably have a better chance of finding something you want from a bigger store too. The one I went to was a small branch but somehow I still managed to spend a good 20 minutes scouring the display.

A few doors down is the wonderful warehouse that is B&M Bargains, which is a trek to get through, I see through your shop layouts! Those mile long straight aisles and barricading off certain areas so you have toย walk round the entire store before you’re free. Ingenious but irritating. I didn’t think I was going to find much in there make up wise but I was hopeful after my visit to Poundland. I was running on a budget high guys and was determined. My eagle eye caught sight of a teeny tiny shelf of goodies, they had a couple of things, a few Sally Hansen polishes and Rimmel eyeshadows but none of those really ticked my fancy BUT I did take home this camo-green nail polish away with me.

It’s such a lovely deep muddy green colour suitably named ‘captain khaki’ and I don’t have anything like it in my collection, so for a pound, how could I resist?

rimmel nailz

I have heard that Poundland now have their own make up range but I have yet to come across it but I’m definitely interested in trying it out. So have you found any treasures in your local discount stores? Share your favourite finds!


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