Coach Spring 2015 Campaign


If you’re American you may be very familiar with the brand Coach, the first time I went on holiday to Seattle in about 2007? I was around 14/15 anyway and I had noticed 1. Everybody over there loves and I mean LOVES there leisurewear, it was all sweatpant city and yogaville and 2. Everyone was carrying a Coach ‘purse’ (or a bag to us Brits). I frankly didn’t get the hype at all. My American family were trying to convince me this was an ‘in’ thing to have. By thing I mean anything with that repeat Coach logo print on. Maybe back then designers were all about logos in their prints (I can’t specifically remember which era but I’m sure logos were a 90s thing?) but I couldn’t be more repulsed by the brown embroidered CC on this taupe woven fabric.

I’m not a huge logo wearer/toter, in fact I hated it as a ‘fashion statement’, any brand that thrived on a logo combined with an air of ‘I’m better than you socially’ made me cringe to be honest. Cough, Jack Wills, Cough, Abercrombie, Cough, Hollister, Cough. Sorry, I’ll stop. To me that’s not what fashion is about, creating hoards of the same shit in different colours and then having the audacity to charge a ridiculous amount for what is essentially a basic t-shirt. Though, I will exempt Ralph Lauren because for some reason that doesn’t quite upset my palette. I don’t have a problem with logos if they’re done right, for example, sports brands seem to excel in this area, it can look good and not come off all douchebaggery and all ‘look at what I can afford’ (sometimes).


Anyway back then I just had a rather dowdy impression of Coach and it was what their products were reflecting to me. Unoriginal and bad imitations of other luxury brands however they were one of the few brands at the time to bridge the gap between high street and designer, it is affordable luxury which is much more within the grasps of us normal people. Think Michael Michael Kors. Except Coach is a not a diffusion line from an existing designer but it’s that level of pricing. So fast forward to the present day and BAM, Coach has a completely brand new image and Stuart Vevers, the newly appointed creative director has breathed life into what was an ailing fashion house and I couldn’t be more excited because he has done an absolute top notch job. Serious, I didn’t think I would ever, ever like Coach until he came along. It is definitely one of my favourite brand revivals I’ve seen for a long while. (Maybe on par with Luella Bartley and Katie Hillier for Marc by Marc Jacobs.)

It is what the brand needed really, a total shake up and I am definitely on board with this new look, adding to their existing line of accessories (which was their main focus) they now have a womenswear line and a menswear line. I think what the brand desperately needed was an youthful injection, to change their target slightly to a more younger and fashion forward crowd was a smart move. The womenswear is daring, fun and most importantly it has a point of view from the designer. He has craved out a distinct style for the house which is so important if you want to survive, you need to establish your identity and be memorable. And he also makes the most impeccable coats and jackets. God damn.

Here are a few of my favourite womenswear looks from their spring/summer 2015 collection;

What can I say? I’m a total sucker for leopard print, fur and a nice leather piece and the Baseman collaboration? Stuart, you have won me over a million times. This is a new era of the Coach girl, she is the coolest bitch on the block. No contest, and I can’t wait to see what he’s got in store for the rest of this year!

So what do you think of Coach? Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments!

Images lovingly poached from, and fashion gone rogue.


5 thoughts on “Coach Spring 2015 Campaign

    1. I know it’s something that many people would balk at but I’m glad to see different trouser styles on the runway. It’s actually a really flattering shape on most women even though it’s not so popular (right now).


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