I am a Constant Craver


My relationship with food has more or less been the same my entire existence, I’ve never really been that girl who was obsessive with dieting or my weight because mainly for the first 3/4 of my life I’d been relying on my genes to take care of me and they did, in fact I was a scrawny child and my parents were keen to get me to eat more or I wouldn’t grow. (Asian family logic.) I suppose they were right in one way because I never got taller but I sure grew wider.

To be honest, I’ve never considered myself fat or even chubby, I thought I was just average but one day I did get an awakening when someone made a point that I looked like I had lost weight — but I wasn’t purposely dieting or exercising at the time. Though it was meant as a compliment, all I could think about was “how big did I look before?!” It was the first direct comment I’ve ever received about my body. It made me a gazillion times more self conscious and for the first time, made me look at my body in a different way, through the eyes of someone else. I constantly flip between having the body confidence of Hannah Horvarth/Lena Dunham and the drastic desperation to be a Victoria Secret runway ready. Which has made me a serial exercise and diet yo-yoer, not surprising when I could never commit to a stance on how I want my body to look and what I was happy with. (Which is probably more a self esteem issue than a weight issue but I don’t wanna go too off piste, I’ll save that for another day.)

So today I’m taking the first steps towards losing that bit of weight and setting myself targets towards losing some pounds, preferable from the muffin top area. But how will I be successful this time? The answer came to me in the form of a TV programme, aptly titled “What’s The Right Diet For You?” it was super informative and if you are struggling with your diet I would definitely recommend you to watch this! It’s available on iplayer if you’re in the UK. It made me see where I was going wrong with my diet and why I couldn’t stick to it. I thought I was pretty aware of my eating habits but after taking the quiz to find what type of eating style I had, I had a real “omg, of course! why didn’t I realise before?!” moment with myself.

84% of my eating behaviours are of those of a ‘constant craver’ and it is proven that it is a genetic disposition that makes us more inclined to eat whenever opportunity strikes. We feel hungry all the time, even after a meal which drives us to continue to eat and eat. I’m pretty delighted that it’s not just weak willpower that is the source of my dieting downfalls however our type will require more effort to diet than the other groups. Not so positive. The diet suggested we should follow is effectively the ‘5:2 diet’ or ‘intermittent fasting’, where for five days you eat (healthily) how you want and you ‘fast’ on the other two days consuming no more than 800 calories.

I remember hearing a lot about the 5:2 diet a year ago or so and it was hailed as the perfect compromise from some but an absolute waste of time for others, but my main stance was always “if I eat healthily all the time I would lose weight naturally” of course, thinking about food and watching too many cooking programmes only made the hunger worst — I didn’t even realise I was torturing myself. (I do love Rick Stein’s stories though. What a cutie.) But this continual denial only lead to me pigging out at last minute before bed, which is a terrible idea because now my body is so used to expecting food at that time that if I don’t eat, the hunger is all consuming and going to bed hungry is just the worst. I soon realised not only did this midnight feast disrupt any progress I was making with my diet it also rendered any exercise I did useless. Feeling defeated a lot doesn’t exactly inspire motivation to continue and I think that has contributed to the failure of my diet plan too.

So I’m going to try this idea out and I’m going to document my progress on here, if you’re blogging about your diet or fitness, I would love to follow you on your journey so leave your link in the comments below!


5 thoughts on “I am a Constant Craver

  1. Have you ever tried increasing your fat intake? I know it sounds crazy (and I don’t know what your fat intake is currently) but I’ve found that increasing my fat intake and reducing my refined carbohydrate intake (breads, pasta, baked goods, crackers etc) really makes a big difference in how satisfied I feel from a meal and how strong my cravings are. Reducing the refined carbs keeps blood sugar more stable and increasing fat makes food keep hunger and cravings stay away longer. Just something to experiment with if you haven’t before!

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      1. I’d increase both saturated and unsaturated (especially if you don’t eat much fat to begin with) but I think the quality of your sources of fat matter more than what type of fat it is. I recommend adding things like avocado, raw nuts and seeds, egg yolks (the whole egg), extra virgin olive oil, fatty fish like salmon and mackerel, unrefined coconut oil and even butter (if you can get some that comes from cows that are grass fed vs. grain fed). Saturated fats have been vilified but there are lots of studies coming out that show that they aren’t as harmful as we thought but the source matters. I don’t subscribe to the primal/paleo diet specifically but this article by Mark Sisson does a great job of explaining why we shouldn’t fear saturated fat so much. http://www.marksdailyapple.com/saturated-fat-healthy/#axzz3P73eexbO

        I’m not saying run out and eat as much fat as possible πŸ™‚ but fat does an amazing job of giving us that feeling of satisfaction from a meal as well as providing energy, it helps our bodies absorb and utilize vitamins A, D, E & K, it regulates our sex hormones, provides building materials for our brains, and helps to keep skin healthy and nourished.

        Carbohydrates are important too but most people eat far too many of them in order to avoid fat. If you slowly change the balance (and make sure to keep protein & fiber content high) you may notice a big difference in how you feel, which can really help with weight management. Good luck!

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