Versatile Blogger Award

Even though my blog is still very much in it’s infancy I’ve been nominated for a “Versatile Blogger’ 2015 award by reallysophie which is really sweet, so thank you! (Sorry this is a bit late.)

Here are 7 facts about me as requested,

1. My birthday is on bonfire night.

2. I’m really teeny tiny height wise, I use to think I was at least 5’2′ but turns out those extra 2 inches are a lie. A LIEEEEE. It was really soul crushing when I found out.

3. I am a feminist and I strongly believe in equality of the sexes.

4. Celery, coriander, lemongrass, fennel are things that don’t belong on my plate. No, thank you.

5. My hair has been dyed every colour under the sun, but it’s currently my natural colour, black. My favourite colour it’s been is probably this pastel pinky lilac colour, it’s so much maintenance but it was pretty.

6. I’m blind as a bat and I cannot do without my glasses or contacts.

7. Photography is one of my interests and I really want to improve my camera skills and actually understand all the funny symbols on my camera.

I’m really awkward when people ask me to describe myself, it’s not something that feels totally natural to me, I’m much more of a listener and I’m hoping this blog will help me ‘find’ myself over time, as cheesy as that sounds.

I would state my nominations but being new here I haven’t had long enough to really get to know many other bloggers but when I do I’d be sure to fire them off!


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