New Years Resolutions


The eve of 2015 is almost upon us and this is a time to reflect on the year gone and anticipate what the new one may bring. If I’m completely honest I haven’t made solid new years resolutions for years now because I never keep them/end up forgetting what they were or come down with a bad case of ‘ceebs’ fever which I think we’ve all been guilty of.

However for the new year coming I aim to stick to my resolutions to keep focussed and I think it would do me some good to keep working towards goals cos self improvement, discipline and all that yadda yadda.

So here are my new years resolutions!

Eat more veg and be less of a vegetable. I’m ashamed to admit that I do not get my five a day and struggle to even get two portions of fruit or veg sometimes and frankly it’s an miracle I’m still functioning (kinda). I’m not going to go as far as curbing treats but I want to develop a healthier diet resulting in a more nourished body and mind.

Under a similiar resolutions umbrella I’m going to drink more water, it’s something I do anyway but over the festive holidays I have overindulged in all kinds of fizzes and now I’m trying to ween myself off the sugary crack.

Cook more often because at the grand age of 23 I think it’s time I have a few more culinary skills under my belt other than sticking things into the oven and hoping for the best.

I really want to get into an exercise routine and be more active and when the weather’s a little less cold and I’m feeling more fit I want to start jogging regularly.

Read actual books. Everything and anything that is possible is slowly becoming digitalized and I really need a break from staring at a screen and just pick up a book once in a while.

I need to get my sleeping pattern under control and get to sleep at a normal hour instead of googling everything on my phone in bed.

They are probably your standard get fit/healthier/hotter resolutions but important ones I hope I will stick to, so I wish y’all have a good NYE and an even better new year and let me know what your resolutions are, if you’ve made any!


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