Fab & Drab Products of 2014! (Part II)



1. L’oreal Infallible 24hr Foundation 30ml, £9.99

This is my absolute go to foundation when I’m on a tight budget, I’ve been a fan of this since it’s original release around four years ago (I’m totally guessing here) and since then it’s had a bit of a nip and tuck and it’s previous curvy formation which I believe their new(er) foundation the ‘true match’ line is currently bottled in, I’m not complaining I do like the sleeker bottle as it takes up less space in my bag and lets face it there’s some prime real estate in there, every cm squared is precious.

It’s also one I have picked up a few times as I’ve stupidly forgotten to pack foundation, but no worries it’s under a tenner! (which I swear is a new lower price than previous, again not complaining.) So onto the important deets, it’s a full coverage liquid foundation which is something I personally always look for, I have some pretty dark acne scars and patchy pigmentation which need covering and smoothing over ASAP and this does the job pretty damn well for ten squids. The formula is quite creamy for a liquid foundation and it’s unfortch one of the foundations that make you feel like you’re wearing foundation, it’s quite thick and feels slightly heavy on the face. This is as far from a BB cream/tinted moisturiser experience as possible but that is no biggie.

As for the 24hr staying power claim which I think is frankly over zealous cos who needs their foundation fixed to their face for that long? Nobody, that’s who. I haven’t specifically timed it’s staying power but I would say it probably looks good for the first 4/5 hours after application before fading away revealing my true skin (crying).

2. The Body Shop Olive Body Butter 200ml, £13

I used to love going into the body shop just to smell everything in there, it was a pleasant adventure for my 15 year old self’s olfactory receptors, overwhelming and sweet but over time I realised how sickly and chemically brewed the perfumes were and was turned off by the majority of the things in there (also by a disappointing lip balm but that’s another story) however this olive body butter is the business.

I am not shitting you guys, I’m super picky about fragranced moisturisers and this one has been blessed by the perfume gods, it is D-I-V-I-N-E. It has a subtle scent so no need to stand back when you twist the lid off. I don’t think I have to describe to you the function of body butter, if so you’ve never been a teenage girl but it’s never too late to go through a body butter phase and hey, I’m giving you the best start! You’re welcome.

Also thirteen pounds is ridic and they often have sales on their body butts and some of them well be priced as low as a fiver so keep an eagle eye out for that dealio.

3. Homeoplasmine 40g, £6.38

This has been hailed as this ‘do-it-all’ multipurpose product and I originally bought it because I wanted to prime my lip with some all important moisture before applying lipstick (which becomes a hot mess if you try to apply any kind of balm over it) so I thought prep beforehand would save my lips from feeling like the desert floor and it worked well. To be blunt, it’s basically vaseline in a tube but in a good way! it’s nowhere near as greasy as vaseline which is what makes it such a great lip primer amongst other things and I like that it’s in a tube cos it’s more hygienic and all that jazz.

It’s available on from Bliss Pharmacy for the price above or in store (and online) at the Beauty Mart for like twice as much.

4. Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution 50ml, £36

I am in love with this product, inside this bottle is some kind of holy water because praise the lord this is the best dark spot corrector I have come across so far. It does what it says on the tin; “rapidly correct dark spots and discolourations for visible correction and clarity.” I would say I began to see results after a month to 6 weeks of using the product, I only used it at night after cleansing and toning (which was recommended by the store assistant for best results) and after letting it sink in for a few minutes I moisturised and went straight to bed.

The most notable effect of this solution is that my face was all over was brightened and I would say my most recent scars (usually from picking my spots, I know it’s gross but I can’t resist) would be as good as gone and my darker scars were noticeably lighter and my skin tone looked more even all over.

You can use it just to target specific areas but I found it easier just to apply to my whole face as one drop was enough to cover one side of my face! I used this daily and typically used three drops and it lasted me roughly 6 months, so you really are getting some bang for your buck. I could of almost bought two of these for the cost of Lancome’s DreamTone, which yes I’m bitter about. Not gonna lie. Without a doubt I will be repurchasing when I have some moula and I will be sticking to this corrective product until something else can surpass it’s ability and is super affordable (a girl can dream!).

5. Gourd Shape Make Up Sponge, 99p

It’s the cheapest product on the list and at first I was skeptical about it but oh. My. God. Becky. it’s now the only tool I use for applying my foundation, it blends out so well, like there are no obvious brush strokes, lines or patches no more but just flawless non traceable application. If I had one critique it would be that because it does blend so evenly it can leave you looking a bit like a mannequin – too perfect almost but of course that can be adjusted.

I’m now a convert and there’s no looking back. For a long time, I had been using your normal foundation brush and buffing it in with a buffing brush of course. I decided to try out the sponge technique because I was still getting dry patches showing up and general cakeyness and then I came across this video which taught me what I was doing wrong and it was actually the way of I was applying make up that was causing those problems (the more you learn). So if you have dry skin then I definitely recommend trying out the sponge method!

I definitely have a preference for this particular shape of sponge because I just find it easier to hold in comparison to the Beauty Blender teardrop shape, I don’t need to grip as hard as I did with the teardrop sponge nor do I fear accidentally piercing it with my nails and at 99p you’re not going to break the bank to replace it! I have no desire to buy a more expensive/name brand sponge because I genuinely feel that all you’re paying for is packaging and marketing and this is a product you can definitely skimp out on! I purchased mine from ebay, from this particular seller and have had no problems with it whatsoever!


Vaseline Cocoa Butter, I refuse to go back to using the original vaseline this has become my new go to for lip salvation.

Nivea Rich Regenerating Night Cream, apply at night and wake up with baby soft skin, seriously it so moisturising and  really great especially when you need that extra hydration!

I just want to say that the reviews are my personal opinions so please let me know whether you agreed or disagreed with my choices and why, I would love to know how you got on with them!

Peace out



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